Anne Cox

Anne wanted one thing for her 50th Birthday and that was to be 50 pounds lighter.  We at Pacifica Wellness did one better or 13 pounds better. She currently has dropped 63 pounds and her body fat has gone from 39 percent to 17 percent!!

How did she do it? Simple. She first got pain free, then followed my nutritional plan and functional program. This program includes worouts that actually work and do not hurt you; they do not make you quit or fail - Dr. Tim's success is YOUR SUCCESS.

Anne's health, function, performance and life have all benefitted beyond belief and she is the standard from which we can all learn from by example when you put yourself first, when you make yourself a priority and take responsibility for your own health {with a little help from Dr. Tim :-)}. Let's make this life, YOUR LIFE a healthy, happy, active and grateful life. Dr. Tim is here to help you, you need only ask, you need only come through the door.

Life is a beautiful thing, let's make yours Rock & Roll!