Get out of your chair and move!

Overeating is a problem in America and even in health-conscience California where yoga studios and juice bars can be found on nearly every corner. The Golden State isn’t the best, ranking 41st  in the nation in overall obesity rates with 25 percent of adults classified as obese.

But food is only a part of our problem. Inactivity leads to high obesity rates as fast, if not faster, than eating fatty processed foods, according to studies out of Stanford University.

The Stanford study, published in the American Journal of Medicine, showed a rapid decline in physical activity and an increase in Body Mass Index over the past few decades even if the food intake remained the same. That no doubt is a result of our dependence on computers and streaming television.

But really eating and activity levels go hand-in-hand. They work together. If you ate cleanly, that is, no sugars, fats, and little carbohydrates, but didn’t do any physical exercise, you wouldn’t be healthy.

And conversely, if you exercised but ate poorly, your health still would suffer.

Sure watching what you eat and finding time to walk, run or exercise is difficult. We sit at work. We sit at home. Workers today tend to sit at their desk for eight hours or more a day, then go home and catch up on personal emails and social media, adding not only to our inactivity but added pounds. 

So just sit there. Get up, walk away from your desk, easy chair or sofa and grab an apple instead of a candy bar. Put down the gaming controls and go outside. Get moving and eat better. Activity, plus healthy eating not only will help you lose those extra pounds but make you feel better.

Photo by Rex Features