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Testimonial photo“I have been receiving chiropractic therapy and exercise rehab with Dr. Tim Ramirez for almost a year.  In that time, I have seen consistent improvement in almost every aspect of my life, physically and emotionally.  I sought treatment initially as a last resort.  I was willing to pay anything to feel better.  I had been to chiropractors, physicians, physical therapists, and personal trainers without any improvement in my condition.

Back pain, shoulder pain and knee pain kept me from taking walks with my husband and enjoying my life and I’m only 33 years old!!  I am a former NCAA track and field athlete and I had not been able to really exercise in 3 years.  I was at the point of desperation when I walked into his office.  I was actually quite depressed when I met him, too the point of crying on a daily basis because I couldn’t do basic things like walk longer than 5 minutes.  I could barely sit in the car to drive to my clients.  My job was in jeopardy as a sales representative.  In fact, I had to switch vehicles 3 times before I could actually do my job.

Dr. Tim with Bill ClintonDr. Tim’s office seemed rather “understated.”  I mean, I was used to state of the art facilities, etc.  His office was low key and not too flashy.  Make no mistake…looks can be very deceiving because his treatments became the one thing that I began to look forward to each week and still do.  I always tell my husband that Dr. Tim has brought me “back to life.”  In fact, my attitude has definitely changed.  Dr. Tim helped me feel more confident in what I was capable of doing from day one.   I seem to like myself better and even had the courage to quit a job that wasn’t making me happy anymore.  Dr. Tim just seems to set the stage to help people flourish.  He allows you to exercise as long as you need to…he doesn’t stop the session at any certain time.  Now I can do almost anything physically…100 pushups, 10 chin ups, running 2 miles.   I feel amazing!”  - Kelly Loughlin, MS, RD, CDE

"America needs Dr. Tim's energy, creativity and determination." President Bill Clinton



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