The time for a new you, new goals

Spring is here (even though it's feeling a bit like summer) and with it brings a sense of rebirth, starting over, a fresh start to a healthier you. But how to get started?

Frist, write down your goals whether it's to walk or run more, eat cleaner, sleep sounder, maintain focus longer, exercise harder, and why you want to reach these goals. That will help you remember why you are doing this and motivate you want your effort starts to wane. Also don't make your goals too big. Start small and make them attainable; don't try to achieve them all at once.

Secondly, commit to doing just one thing each day, write it on your calendar and prioritize your time and don't beat yourself up if you miss a day. Get right back to your goals and a great way to not skip that workout or eat the wrong kinds of food is to plan ahead. By putting out your workout clothes or making your healthy lunch the night before, your decisions are already made for you, which keeps your goals on track and in sight. Visualization can be a powerful tool in keeping your goals in sight. Imagine how it will feel when you achieve even the smallest of goals.

If visualization doesn't work for you, try writing your goals on sticky notes and put them on a large board or refrigerator so that they are easy to see every day. Add pictures, motivational sayings or photos -- anything that will help you reach the goal line.

Remember a good workout can boost your mood, energy and burn calories and move you one step closer to the new you.