21 Qualities | Dr. T

1 Character: To Rock you must be a piece of the ROCK

2 Charisma: First impressions are an opportunity to be nice

3 Commitment: It separates Doers from excuse makers

4 Communication: Without it you travel ALONE in silence

5 Competence: If you BUILD IT they will come

6 Courage: One person with Courage is a Majority

7 Discernment: Put an END to Unsolved Mysteries

8 Focus: The Sharper IT Is, the Sharper YOU are

9 Generosity: YOUR candle losses nothing when it lights another

10 Initiative: Don’t leave home without it

11 Listening: To connect with people use you eyes and ears

12 Passion: Take this life and Love IT all day every day

13 Positive Attitude: If you believe you can - YOU CAN

14 Problem Solving: You can’t let your problems BE a problem

15 Relationships: If you get Along, They’ll GO along

16 Responsibility: If you won’t pick up a broom… You CAN’T sweep adversity

17 Security: Competence NEVER compensates for Insecurity

18 Self Discipline: The first person you teach to lead is YOU

19 Servanthood: To get ahead, put OTHERS first

20 Teachability: To keep succeeding, KEEP Learning