All day, every day | Romey

As we’re concentrating on our reps, trying to stay balanced on the red ball, remembering to breathe, we hear the voice of Dr. Tim saying “All day, every day.” Sometimes he’ll only say “all day” and we’ll hear the response from the Junior “every day.” Sometimes we’ll hear Rose imitate him so well that you’d swear it was Dr. T himself. Rose and I will giggle like crazy because it doesn’t take much to entertain us; and we wouldn’t tease him if we didn’t love him. Sometimes I’ve tried to imitate him and I realize that I’d better not quit my day job; so I do what I do better: I start to think about what the heck he’s talking about, for I’ve learned that there’s always a lesson in Dr. Tim-isms. I think this one is akin to what my yoga teacher means when she says we should live our yoga off the mat. This is what “all day, every day” means to me: When I’m down on the floor cleaning up after my little dog, I’ll do a few push-ups as long as I’m already on my knees. When I’m able to do so, I’ll walk instead of drive to my appointments and errands. When there’s a celebration at work that involves food, I’ll choose the fruit instead of the high-calorie treats. When I go out to dinner, I’ll eat half of the order and take half home. When I’m exhausted from a long stressful day at work, I’ll go for a workout with Dr. T rather than go lay down on my couch. When I’m starving after said day and my mouth is watering at the thought of a pizza, I’ll make a salad instead. When I pack my lunch and snacks for work every day, I’m able to control the quality and quantity of the food I eat. 

Do I stray from the straight and narrow path on occasion? I’ll admit that I do; but I’ve learned that this is a journey so I’m more concerned with my overall behaviors. “All day, every day” allows me to begin anew each morning. There is something quite comforting in those four short words, almost like unconditional love and acceptance. There’s hope and optimism, too. If I’ve indulged today, that doesn’t mean that I’ve negated all the efforts that I’ve expended thus far. It helps to motivate me for tomorrow. It reminds me that better health and well-being are not reached or maintained solely through the time spent in the gym. Do you agree? If so, great. If not, perhaps better because you can attach your own special meanings to this Dr. Tim-ism all day, every day.