Bigger isn’t better, except when it is | Romey

I’ve been very grateful that my recent surgery was a success. I understand that it takes time - longer than we anticipate - to fully recover. I think our minds recover faster than our bodies. I’ve been working with Dr. Tim to regain the muscle tone that I lost. He’s been diligent in his care for me, always making sure that I’m not doing something that would hinder my progress while encouraging me to test the boundaries of my strength and balance. I’ve been unable to do any lower body workouts, so we’re concentrating solely on upper body. That’s great because I’m actually preparing for a second surgery for which I’ll need upper body strength in order to maneuver in and out of bed and get around with a walker. However, I can’t help but notice that the areas on which I’m unable to concentrate aren’t looking as good as I’d like. I’m impatient to get back to doing full body workouts so that said areas can get back in shape. Yes, I’m talking hips and thighs which have always been my biggest challenge, so to speak. Luckily I’m still wearing the same size as pre-surgery. I breathe a sigh of relief when trousers and skirts still fit. I never grow out of blouses or sweaters, but the strangest thing happened to me the other day. I put on a sweater with short sleeves and noticed that the arms felt a bit smaller when I moved. Lo and behold, I could see my biceps! Whaddayaknow—I actually got excited about seeing a larger body part. OK, then, if upper body responded to my recent efforts, I’ve no doubt that hips and thighs will eventually get back in shape when I’m able to get on the mat. Can’t wait to do those D-R-T’s and T-I-M’s!