Body, Mind and Spirit | Romey

When I’m working out at the gym, I’m able to be very focused. It’s a pleasant chance to be on the other side of the decision-making process. Dr. Tim tells us what to do, and I just do it. This past week, he had a few of us doing a certain exercise that was really difficult for me due to a certain physical limitation of mine. I quietly did my best, but it was painful and disappointing at the same time. Dr. Tim was his usual encouraging self, without bringing undue attention to the situation. Still, I found myself near tears because it hurts more than muscles when your body won’t do what you want it to do. After the set was done, he called me over to the bench press. Have you ever noticed how powerful you feel when you’re working on that machine? I felt great after I did 3 sets. I went from despair to victory in a few short minutes. I’m sure this was not unplanned by Dr. Tim. He knew by looking at me that I felt awful by not being able to do the one exercise well; I’m sure he also wanted me to end my session on a high note. He achieved his goal. I’m sharing this because if you’re not lucky enough to have Dr. Tim in your life, I hope you’re able to find a trainer who will not only help you to strengthen your body but will also lift your spirit. To me, one is as important as the other.