Dr. Tim’s Diet Snapshot! Say cheese…NOT!

Nutrition: The most important thing about nutrition is balance, proportion, and timing. I often say the longer something can stay on the shelf, the worse it is for you. How can you expect your body to digest a meal in 45 minutes when the food you are eating has a shelf life of weeks, months, years? The answer is that the body cannot digest it properly and won’t metabolize the nutrients well.  Your body will not utilize the food optimally. You will not perform and function optimally.   Nutrition is a very simple approach in that you must make the choices, as difficult as that may be in our modern society, it seems fast food is everywhere, that’s true, but so are fresh foods.  Fresh fruits and vegetables in abundance, whole grains, high quality lean protein and strong swimming fish are what you want to eat on a daily basis. This is simplicity at its best.  Experts have twisted these options into countless varieties, but nutrition is quality in. always has been and always will be. It is tough to make a gimmick or a fad diet of the truth.  You must put quality into your body, if you expect quality performance.  It is that simple.  I am working on a cooking series (you may have seen it on my website) that will include delicious recipes incorporating fresh foods, Dr T style.  I also do 7 day/14 day/30 day complete diet programs on my website, that people feel transformed by.