Dr. Tim Ramirez | Top 8 Pieces of Exercise Equipment


When choosing equipment, less is always more. The simpler the better. Exercise equipment that is complex, expensive, sensational or surrounded by hype is usually a big waste of time, effort and often the users results.   Fitness machine manufacturers design equipment with 2 things in mind, profitability and ease of marketing.They make machines for the masses not for the individual.I am not a fan of fixed, plate loaded machines. They are designed with general, fixed, uncomfortable and inappropriate specifications. As a Doctor, I find most machines are designed for men, with a large frame and are anatomically incorrect for women. Most machines are not joint friendly and can result in accelerated joint dysfunction and degeneration.The big gyms are living in the dinosaur age when it comes to health, fitness and function. They pack the floor with machines that don’t match up to the majority of gym goers bodies. Gym goers sacrifice themselves and their results by trying to make the machines fit their body. If you are paying for a membership, at the very least you should expect equipment that works for you – the individual. Unfortunately, that sort of specificity is not profitable and is cost ineffective for most gyms, so the consumer unknowingly suffers with slow, barely noticeable results, and risks possible injury. 

My Top 8 Pieces of Equipment:

  1. The most important piece of equipment is shoes. Don’t just buy them off the shelf, or buy whats on sale. Invest some time and money in your shoes. Find a store that will work with you to find and fit an athletic shoe to your foot instead of you trying to fit your foot to the shoe!
  2. The cable driven, or resistance based machines are best for the consumer’s anatomic composition.
  3. The Gauntlet, or Step-mill is a favorite cardio machine. This machine builds coordination, endurance, balance and burns fat!!!
  4. Spin bikes with proper posture are great. 10X better than traditional cardio computerized bikes and 100X better than a recumbent bike!
  5. Treadmills – always a good choice (as long as they don’t become a place to hang your clothes!)
  6. Balance pod / blue disc; great for everyone at every level. This an be used for balance work if you use one under each foot while you are standing and exercising with light dumbbells. It is great for abs – the best in my opinion. Any exercise that you want to add an element of dexterity, difficulty and resistance – this is how to do it. 
  7. Free weights – light weights; With proper form and instruction , these tools are still the best. These help you build lean muscle, ligament strength, bone density, lean (not bulky) muscle, burn fat, and stimulate the endocrine system keeping you looking young, feeling great and full of energy. 
  8. Your body is the most essential piece of equipment. Exercise is complex enough, keep the tools and the equipment simple if you want to succeed. Treat it well, feed it well and it will be your best tool in your quest for optimum wellness.

Exercise is essential! Move it or lose it is a true statement! Don’t wait until 2008 to start improving your health, the first day of the rest of your life is today!!! Your perfect body is now! Be ready to rock!