Enjoyable Eating Do's and Don'ts


  1. Do make time for relaxing meals. Look, smell and enjoy the experience of eating.
  2. Do make your eating environment comfortable and attractive.
  3. Do eat foods you like and prepare them to suit your taste.
  4. Do plan dinners with others often. It can be a lot of fun.
  5. Do eat breakfast before beginning your day.
  6. Do plan your meals if you have a busy schedule. You are more likely to eat well.
  7. Do remember that eating well is part of living well.
  8. Do learn to cook food properly. It will improve flavor and increase retention of nutrients.
  9. Do make certain you relax during meals.
  10. Do keep in mind that eating is one of our greatest pleasures. Eating with others can be very intimate and personal.


  1. Don’t read or get involved in activities while eating. Savor your food.
  2. Don’t stand up while eating.
  3. Don’t eat the same foods repeatedly. Variety is usually healthier.
  4. Don’t count calories. Focus on enjoying your food and staying healthy.
  5. Don’t be a meal skipper.
  6. Don’t just eat whatever is handy, that is cheating yourself.
  7. Don’t exercise to wear off calories. Let feeling fit be your goal from exercise.
  8. Don’t be afraid to fry some foods. Low heat and small amounts of oil make this possible without increasing calories or losing nutrients.
  9. Don’t eat alone.
  10. Don’t feel guilty about something that is healthy and good.