Every little bit helps | Romey

Every day is a challenge in the journey to find balance between work life and personal life. I still don’t get to the gym as often as I’d like, but I’m getting there. For instance, I made a point of going yesterday before  a doctor’s appointment. My original plan was to go afterwards, but at Dr. Tim’s suggestion, I went to the gym first. Good thing I did. The appointment took longer than I had anticipated, and I would have gotten to the gym after closing time.

Today I decided to walk to my manicure appointment. The round trip was only a couple of miles, but I walked briskly, raised my heart rate and broke a sweat. To my way of thinking, it was multi-tasking at its best: simultaneously maintaining the outside as well as the inside. It surely wasn’t the same as a 1-or 2-hour workout at the gym, but it was something, and every little bit counts.