Happy New Year 2008 | Dr. Tim Ramirez

The Effort Method, by Dr Tim Ramirez

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. As the old saying goes, it maintains that perseverance rules above all else. Trying implies effort, doing implies effort and perseverance implies continuous effort, action dedicated to outcome fueled by effort.. With this in mind, if you want success personally, physically and professionally, consider applying what I call The Effort Method, to your life.

The idea behind The Effort Method is firstly to acknowledge that effort goes into everything we do, whether it be good, bad, or indifferent.

Success is deeply rooted in effort. It takes effort to do something well, it takes effort to do something poorly it, and, believe it or not, it takes effort not to do anything at all.

It takes just as much effort to do something bad, as it does to do something good, to do it right as it does to do it wrong, to do something with pride or to do something your embarrassed of. It takes just as much effort to eat well, as to eat poorly.

It takes just as much effort to have a bad relationship as it does to have a good one, and, believe it or not, it takes as much effort to fail in your business, as it does to succeed!

It takes as much effort not to smile as it does to smile, yet the result of smiling is far more rewarding – try it. Next time your out and about, smile and see what sort of magic will happen around you. The reward as a result of your effort ninety nine times out of a hundred will be someone smiling back at you. A simple hello, or a simple smile at an oncoming person is a non physical show of your appreciation for life and love in the world you live in.

It takes an equal amount of effort to make eye contact as it does to avoid eye contact.

The premise is this: we expend effort in anything and everything we do. We wake up, get out of bed, go through our routines, go to work. We interact with others, casually or intimately. We are part of a family, we are part of a community, we have obligations, we have desires, we have dreams. All of these actions and sentiments require effort. Even the simple act of breathing, that we take for granted, takes effort.

If it takes the same amount of effort to do it right as it does to do it wrong, so to speak, then why don’t we all have great relationships, successful businesses, healthy, fit bodies? Why don’t we put our efforts into creating the lives we want? Precisely my point.

Effort is simply defined as “the use of physical or mental energy to achieve something”.

While we live and breathe, every single step we take every moment of our lives, we are using our “physical or mental energy to achieve something.”

Now, the trick is: how do we take this already existing effort, and channel it into that which we want? How do we stop ourselves from putting out effort every day towards things we don’t want?

You might be someone who thinks you haven’t put much effort into your life, and are feeling disappointed in yourself, or unsatisfied with the lackluster results in your business or relationships, or social/economic position in the world.

Or you may be someone who feels you’ve put so much effort into everything that you are about to break from the strain.

All of these possibilities have required the same amount of energy expenditure Much effort has been put into becoming unsuccessful, unhappy, poor, or unacknowledged.

How can this be?

Effort by any of its expressions, is still effort, as ‘a rose by any other name still smells as sweet.’ Ahh, Shakespeare must have understood… but I digress:

First and foremost, we must be cognizant of our thoughts. Our thoughts are our primary contact with our world, and our primary indicator of where our efforts are placed. The effort we put into thinking about, for example, how rude this driver is, how awful our mother-in-law is, how disrespectful our teenage daughter is, and how difficult the boss is.

All these thoughts can be redirected, utilizing the same amount of effort to shift into, for example: Ignoring the other driver and focusing instead on your destination, softening up the mother-in –law with a thoughtful gift, listening to your teenager, and accepting that the boss is difficult. Same amount of thinking, same amount of space to write both scenarios, and same amount of effort.

Stop wasting your time putting your thoughts into what does not serve you. We can use The Effort Method into respecting our relationships, instead of blaming and ripping them apart. We can use the Effort Method into devising an action plan to grow our business, instead of pulling our hair out that it’s not going our way. Same time, same amount of effort, very different results.

It is imperative, then, that we remember as we go through our day, whatever it is we do, however we do it, with intent or without, with quality or without, with love or without, with joy or without, we are still putting in the effort, and activating the results.

It is not that we are not doing enough.

It is that we are placing our effort into that which is not giving us what we want.

By redirecting the already existing effort expressed in our lives, we begin to create the life we want.

A little effort goes a long way.

Best of Health,

Dr. Tim