Hip Hooray | Romey

Greetings, dear readers. I’m back at PW after a bit of a hiatus while I was preparing for and then recuperating from hip replacement surgery. All in all it was a positive experience, but what I want to share with you is how my working with Dr. Tim contributed in large part to my success thus far. Over the years, I tried various protocols to deal with the pain. I got to the point when the only option was surgery. Not surprisingly, Dr. T supported me wholeheartedly. It became nearly impossible for me to do lower body exercises, so with Dr. Tim’s guidance, I concentrated on upper body. I was ever so grateful for that, especially when I tried to maneuver in and out of bed after surgery, or when I had to support myself with a walker and then a cane. I was told that my recovery rate was remarkably fast. I called upon the discipline I’ve learned with Dr. Tim to get me through the times when I thought I was too tired to go to physical therapy. There are days when I feel too tired to work out, but I go to PW anyway. I feel better just walking through the door. Dr. Tim is helping me to regain my strength and stamina. I am not one person in a large class where everyone is doing the same thing. He ‘prescribes’ what I need to do for my particular situation, just as he does with everyone. When I feel defeated because I’m not at the level that I once was, he reminds me that just having walked through the door is a victory. Soon I will be undergoing surgery for the other side, at which point I’ll be able to say “Hip Hip Hooray.” With Dr. Tim’s help and encouragement, I look forward to being better than ever.