Lemon Cleanse…Pam

As I was losing weight, my skin was looking more wrinkled and this was upsetting.  Dr. Tim suggested I start the lemon cleanse protocol, but I didn’t like the idea of ‘cleansing’ without food.  He then explained that his lemon cleanse was taken with food and there was no need to fast.  I asked him what results I could expect and he was purposely vague, wanting to let me see if I recognized any changes or improvements after about 6 weeks of taking it twice a day.

The first thing I noticed was my fingernails were growing much stronger than ever–not breaking or peeling! Then I went to get my hair trimmed and my hairdresser was shocked.  He asked me what I was doing differently because rather than cutting off maybe 1/4 inch after 6 weeks of growth, he was cutting almost an inch because it had grown so much.  Then I started noticing the age spots on my hands were fading and my wrinkly under-the-chin and neck areas looked better!  Hooray!!!!  This was in addition to an overall sense of feeling better and all I was doing was drinking it twice a day while maintaining my nutritional program with Dr. Tim. 

That was over a year ago and I have continued using it every day, even when traveling, because the tinctures are so easy to use and carry.  My skin has continued to improve, my nails are strong and healthy and I feel great!  My hair is also getting a little thicker which is a very welcome change.  Dr. Tim was not surprised to hear my story, stating he hears it all the time from people who take his lemon cleanse.  Just another way Dr. Tim helps us get healthier!!