My Husband’s Journey Back to Health…Pam

When my husband started working with Dr. Tim on his nutrition and fitness program in August, 2008, he was medically on a slow downward spiral with two recent knee replacements, worsening type two diabetes requiring 3 different pills and closing in on needing insulin, increasing cholesterol, and high blood pressure requiring 2 different meds to control.  His internist was regularly suggesting he go in for lap band surgery!  My husband had always fought his weight–even as a young man–so he was used to hearing people express their concerns for his health, but every diet plan he had tried, failed, and he would always gain it back!  He was so discouraged, he had pretty much given up.

When he needed the first knee replacement, the orthopedist again explained the need to lose weight to ease the burden on the knees, so he did lose some weight before surgery.  As  he struggled to keep the weight off, the second knee went bad and needed replacing.   After that surgery, he lost more weight for the sake of his knees, but still needed to lose more.  When edema persisted for 6 months after the second knee surgery, and physical therapy was not successful in reducing it, he decided to see Dr. Tim for help.  In only two treatments, the edema was GONE and stayed gone!!  Wow!  Impressive, he thought…  I had just started my nutrition program with Dr. Tim, and within 2 weeks, my husband decided to try it too. 

Poor Dr. Tim…my husband questioned almost every item on the plan and was constantly pummeling Dr. Tim with innovative recipe ideas to try and make it more interesting and varied.  Dr. Tim was always patient with him and listened to each and every recipe, even trying a few, while explaining the logic behind the food choices on the plan.  Sure enough, the weight began to come off and he began a fitness regime with Dr. Tim to get his body physically healthy and strong while working on his internal health.

Gradually, his lab reports began changing and his doctors were amazed!  His numbers were all coming down and the doctor started reducing his meds for the diabetes and blood pressure.  One year later, he is down to one minor diabetic medication, which his doctor feels confident will be stopped by December, 2009!  The BP meds have also been cut dramatically and may be stopped as well and the cholesterol (lipids) numbers are now normal.  He has lost ~60 lbs, a weight he hasn’t seen since junior high school, lowered his body fat to 17, and is beyond thrilled.  He asked Dr. Tim for “guns” and guns he now has as well as a very healthy, fit body.  Everybody teases him because he always takes off his shirt to walk–very proud of his new look.

We love to travel and are now able to so much more comfortably and life is easier on many levels for both of us.  It is a daily process to make this kind of lifestyle change and we are determined to keep it off forever.  Dr. Tim has gently guided us every step of the way, which he loves to do if you are truly committed, and continues to help us understand healthy nutrition and fitness strategies.  You must do the work, however, and be consistent in order for you to achieve success.

Many people question our wisdom spending money on all of this.  Our response is that we would much rather spend the money for Dr. Tim’s help than caregivers, convalescent homes and medications (which are now a fraction of what they were)!  Life is good, thanks to Dr. Tim, who truly is the “Wellness Master!!”