No excuses, only success | Romey

I have come to love my workouts with Dr. Tim, not only for the physical benefits, but also for the stress-relieving benefits. I’ve been working long hours for some time now, and I try my best to get to PW 2 or 3 times a week. The one thing that got me through an especially hectic Tuesday recently was the thought that I’d get a good workout that night. I left the house as usual in the morning, loaded down with my accoutrements of the day. It was a heavy load so I just assumed that I had everything that I’d need. I made it through the day, drove to the gym, opened the trunk—no gym bag! I couldn’t believe it: In nearly 4 years I’ve never forgotten my gym bag. I was so sure I had put it in the trunk that morning. What to do now, I wondered. I decided to go in anyway just to say hello and let Dr. Tim know that my intentions, at least, were good. I walked in and, with great embarrassment, told Dr. Tim of my dilemma. I should have known better than to think that all was lost. Dr. T keeps a stash of workout clothes on hand for just these situations. As it happens, I keep a spare pair of workout shoes in my car (In the event I get stranded somewhere, at least I’d have a comfy pair of shoes to wear to seek help!). Between the two of us, I was able to put together an exercise ensemble. As usual, it was a great workout and I left feeling especially good for having been able to find a solution to my problem. To top it off, I had an opportunity to practice Dr. T’s motto: No excuses, only success!!!