Physical and Spiritual Renewal | Cindy Norstrom

My back had been hurting for a long time.  I had been to a chiropractor, tried acupuncture, and even saw an orthopedic surgeon but nothing seemed to help.  A friend recommended Dr. Tim Ramirez; since my first appointment my back has not hurt me.  But that is not the amazing part: At age sixty-five, I am getting stronger and healthier.

My first appointment with Dr. Tim was a regular treatment: stretching, massage, heat.  At my second appointment I was doing crunches and lifting weights.  “Oh no,” I thought, “I always hurt myself when I lift weights.”  But Dr. Tim watched me closely and knew exactly what exercises I should do, how many repetitions, and with what weight.  I didn’t hurt after my work out.

I went home to my husband bragging about how strong and healthy I was becoming.   (Actually, I kept showing off the muscles in my arms and my legs of steel.)  My husband (aged sixty-seven) has always been athletic but he has had to limit some activities because of aches, pains, bad knees (five knee operations), and a sore back.

We now see Dr. Tim together.  After eight months my husband is muscular and strong; he has lost weight and increased muscle tone.  His shoulders, chest, and arms look better than they did when he was thirty years old.  He has increased knee stability that allows him to do more with less pain.  His back feels so much better that he is considering playing golf again.  I cannot believe what my husband can do at training sessions; he balances on half-circles as he lifts weights.  Who has weak knees?

Dr. Tim treats the whole person both mentally and physically.  He watches everyone very carefully, analyzing how they walk, how they move.  He knows exactly what to do to treat each individual.  The workouts are never the same but are designed for our bodies at that particular time.  He doesn’t just treat injuries; he looks at what is causing the weakness.  How well do you eat?  What is your attitude?  Is your back problem caused by an injury, a sedentary lifestyle, or weakness in supporting muscles?

For example, my husband complained about pain in his hip.  Dr. Tim said the pain was from Steve was twisting his back to compensate for weakness in his knee.  Huh?  Dr. Tim then stood with his weight on one leg demonstrating how my husband stands and twists his back.  Instantly we recognized the posture (neither of us realized that Steve stood that way).   After my husband learned to stand with his weight evenly distributed and strengthened the muscles supporting his knees, the pain in his hip went away.

More than just a physical treatment, Dr. Tim adjusts my attitude.  I have some medical problems that have kept me from being as active as I would like.  Because of Dr. Tim’s medical knowledge, he understands how all of the body’s systems work together.  I was feeling down because I just didn’t have the energy or strength to do what I wanted to do.   Dr. Tim looked me in the eyes and said, “You have some physical restrictions but they aren’t going to be restrictions because we are going to work through them.”  That was a special moment in my life; here was someone offering hope and a plan.  And Dr. Tim is keeping his promise as we work through my restrictions together.  My thinking has shifted from “Oh, I am so old and weak” to “This is great, look at what I can do.”

My husband and I are continuing to see Dr. Tim because we are choosing strength and health over “old age decrepitude.”  I didn’t realize I had a choice; I thought that at sixty-five I had to accept a restricted lifestyle.  Dr. Tim is showing us a happier, healthier world.  Every time we leave Dr. Tim’s office we feel younger, walking taller both literally and figuratively.  My shoulders pull back, I stand straighter, and I breathe deeply.  Dr. Tim has convinced me that strength and health are just a few good meals and a few good workouts away.  I told Dr. Tim that I was going to have the body I never had at forty…

We have learned, inadvertently, that Dr. Tim treats some very famous people.  During a workout I once remarked, “Gee, you have some really important clients.”  Dr. Tim turned to me and said, “You are all important.”  And I know that he means that.  His level of care and concern demonstrate that my being healthy is as important to him as it is to me.

And there is something else about Dr. Tim that is hard to describe.  There is an innate goodness, a spiritual calm, a reservoir of love that is available to all of us.  He really cares about you whether you are a professional athlete or a grandmother with health problems.  After seeing Dr. Tim, I not only feel better physically, I am mentally and spiritually renewed. Thank you Dr. Tim.