Stop complaining…Pam

I noticed when my parents were aging that the conversations often revolved around their aches and pains and/or current medical issues.  I made a mental note to NOT do that as I grew older.  Fast forward to now…I am in my sixties and, to my horror, I find myself engaging in those same conversations with my peers!!!!  YIKES!!!!  It’s happening to me and I need to pay attention.  Now we all know Dr. Tim’s philosophy of “No excuses, only success,” and it occurs to me I am not following that very well.  So, I start reflecting back on my workouts the past few months and realize I complain A LOT about many of the challenges he presents to me.  I love to joke around, so I rationalize it’s just humor and a chance to give him a hard time.  Then one day, I casually mention that the exercises I am doing hurt my “bad thumb” or my “bad back” and Dr. Tim barks, “No bad thumb/back!!!”  I didn’t think too much about it until later when I realized what he was trying to do (he probably doesn’t think I even noticed his tactic because it was very subtle) was get my attention about focusing on our aches and pains too much.  It made me think about all the little complaints I throw out without even being aware of it and  made me think about recent conversations with friends that were approaching those dreaded conversations my parents had so many years ago.  I was becoming an ‘old lady,’ the very thing I am combating everyday with my Dr. Tim regimen of good nutritional eating, positive thinking and exercise!

 I am now making an effort to stop doing that, which I imagine will make his job much easier!  I decided to blog this because I’ll bet their are many people out there who are, unknowingly, falling into that complaining mode as age creeps up on them.  Maybe this will help…  I guess I’ll just have to find another way to give Dr. Tim a hard time!!