Take Control in 2008 | Dr. Tim Ramirez

Take Control of Your Body and Take Control of Your Life

By Dr. Tim Ramirez

We have long believed that how we think determines who we are. “Cogito, ergo sum”, a very famous quote by Rene Descartes, says it all: “I think therefore I am”. How and what I think determines my reality. In essence, my mindset determines my life, my physicality, my being.

If we are to subscribe to this belief in the realm of health and fitness, we should be able to think ourselves fit, lean, and healthy.

There is true significant value to what Descartes proclaims: If we give ourselves positive reinforcement, focus on the goal not the obstacle, and if we believe in ourselves without a doubt, chances are much higher that we will, in fact, become what we think. I myself subscribe to these sentiments, however, we can also consider it another way, look at it from another perspective. The Dr. Tim perspective!

Consider what would happen if we flipped the belief that my mindset determines my physicality (I think therefore I am), and say, instead: My physicality determines my mindset.

It is possible to find our well being through the portal of our physicality. In other words, the process of putting ourselves in optimal shape physically will shift our mental mind set, and from there, we will find ourselves transforming not only our bodies, but our lives.

The very process of getting fit makes us feel good, makes us see things in our lives differently, makes us function better, makes us more secure. As we develop our physical strength, we begin to develop a greater sense of security, we become more confident, respect ourselves more, thus making better choices/decisions in our lives. What begins to happen with becoming increasingly fit, is that we realize that our optimum physicality, through physical fitness and healthy eating, becomes the portal through which we improve our thinking, and it becomes what we constantly want to strive for. It becomes a lifestyle, a primary focus, and as a result, determines the quality of our lives.

I would certainly not presume to challenge or dispute the logic of Cogito Ergo Sum, but I would like to take it one step further. If the statement, “I think therefore I am” is true, then the statement of “I am therefore I think” is valid. Arguably, for some people, I know this is not a universal truth, I can identify on a daily basis several people that “are” and are not “thinking”- I drive on the same freeways you do, we can all relate to what I am talking about! All kidding aside, I am here to tell you that your physicality is intimately related to your quality and level of your thought.

We can evaluate the state of our emotions, go back to our childhoods, and philosophize the reasons behind our problems but often the best thing to do is to take action. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Take physical action. Get moving, get fit! Start taking care of the physical, and watch the strength and clarity of the mind begin to crystallize.

We are physical beings, and even as we carry our soul, our spirit, inside of us, our physical component demands respect and good care. By continuously striving to optimize our physicality through fitness and nutrition, we proactively affect our thinking in exponentially positive ways that inevitably spills over into every aspect of our lives.

Take control of your body and you are taking control of your life!

Best of Health!

Dr Tim

Dr Tim Ramirez is a renowned total health and fitness guru. Utilizing sports medicine, the Dr Tim signature fitness training, diet, and the power of the mind; his motto of: No Excuses, Only Success, underscores an iron will and perseverance, taking many beyond their wildest expectations, to the portal of their own optimal well being. Dr Tim Ramirez practices in Southern California. His client base consists of top professional athletes, actors, musicians, and corporate executives.