There are no accidents…Pam

In March, 2008, I found myself unable to walk more than 1/2 a block and I could only go up stairs, one at a time!  Yikes!!!  I’m thinking to myself, I’m only 61 and I can’t do the one exercise I love more than any others–walking–how sad.  It was due to severe hip pain which had been building for ~8 months.  I had a trainer and he was doing his best to “fix” it, but it just kept getting worse.  I thought I probably needed a hip replacement as I have so much arthritis and I couldn’t get the Orthopod’s office to call me back!!  So, I’m at dinner with friends and they observe my pitiful gait, suggesting I go see Dr. Tim.  When I ask who he is, they say he’s a Chiropractor, and I stop them right there!  No way, I say, I don’t like Chiropractors–they’re dangerous!!  They immediately start to try and describe why he is different and now I’m interested enough to write down his name, still skeptical.  After several attempts to reach this man, I give up.  Then, I ask a good friend, who she has been going to for several years, you know, I say, the guy who keeps you golfing.  She says, “Oh, you mean Dr. Tim??”  I’m thinking, oh great, the guy I can’t seem to get a hold of!!!  Perfect!!  So I ask her how one reaches this guy and she says you need to call Rose.  WHO’S ROSE????  Geeeeeeeeeez.  So, she gives me the ‘magic’ number to call and I finally talk to Rose and make an appointment where I find out my problem is the piriformus (sp?) muscle in my hip.  That was early March…it is now December, 2008, and I walk 8 miles a day and have lost 48 pounds with Dr. Tim’s therapy, exercise program, nutrition counseling and guidance.  I cannot believe it.  He has helped me through so many things with his spiritual wisdom and support, including the recent death of my mother.  Dr. Tim is FAR more than a Chiropractor and he utilizes all of his Eastern/Western medical knowledge and skills when working with you.  I truly believe people come into our lives for a reason; there are no accidents.  My life has been changed forever, as has my husband’s, with the help of these wonderful people (Dr. Tim and Rose), and I have a friend for life!