Things will be fine in 2009

How did it get to be the end of January already? It seems just days ago that I was sitting in a restaurant in the Midwest with 3 dear friends at the holidays. I was sipping a martini whilst feeling a tinge of guilt over the empty calories when one of my friends mentioned that I looked really fit. First of all, we all love each other, but we’re not prone to commenting on each other’s looks. Secondly, I was amazed that the state of my fitness was noticeable due to the heavy winter clothes I was wearing.  Her comment made me think about some of the lessons that I’ve learned from Dr. Tim about total health. It’s much more than looking good in a bathing suit. It involves strengthening your body, mind and spirit. When you’re doing something good for yourself, it practically emanates from your pores. I returned from my trip looking forward to my workouts in the new year.

Fast forward a couple of weeks, and Dr. Tim decides that it’s time to get on the scale. Yikes. It’s one thing to think and talk about fitness; it’s another thing to see the numbers staring back at you. So, OK, bye bye empty calories, hello salmon and broccoli. Since my motto for this year is “Things will be fine in 2009,” I renewed my commitment to follow the food plan more closely.

The next week at the gym there are just three of us for an early evening sesssion. We notice that Dr. T is obsessed with the number “250.” Everything we did was a set of 250: abs, arms, legs, more abs. While he was consulting with a client, we kept hearing 250 more of this or that. Towards the end of the session, Dr. Tim joins us on the red ball to do more abs. I’m exhausted so I’ve lost count of what we’ve done in total, but I keep hearing 250 more. I’m doing the vocal count for the group while Dr. Tim keeps a running commentary about how we’ve nearly completed the first month of the new year. Then he said our last set of abs will be 109. That’s an odd number, I think to myself. He proceeds to announce to us that, in honor of the new year, we will have done 2,009 abs exercises this evening.

 Things will be, nay, things ARE fine in 2009.