Touching Lives…pam

Dr. Tim is a very private man.  Working with him for over two years now, I consider him not only the Master of my Wellness, but a friend with whom I can safely share my thoughts and feelings.  Now and then, he lets me into his life for a peek at some of his personal passions and feelings.  Yesterday, I was there and he called me over to the computer to show me something that was making him smile.  He had pulled up the statistics for his website and it showed that over 1.5 MILLION people had visited his site and it had a map of the world showing all the countries from which these visits had come.  WOW!!  Can you imagine having the ability to touch all of those lives with your knowledge and expertise?  I could see how proud and amazed he was and I was too.  He has such a positive message to share, it is wonderful to see the results and feedback for all of his hard work.  It’s no wonder that all of us who have discovered Dr. Tim can’t seem to say enough about how much he has helped us!  Keep up the amazing work Dr. Tim!!!!!!