You are what you eat | Romey

We’ve all heard the phrase. Perhaps we’ve never really thought of how it relates to oneself. Recently I learned that two people who are very close to me were told that they have a pre-diabetic condition. This was discovered during a routine blood test. They will need to follow a strict diet and exercise plan in the hope that the condition can be controlled without medication. It was a turning point in their lives. Their news reminded me of the results from my blood test of a few months ago. Luckily, I was pronounced in excellent health. I was grateful for the news, but what struck me the most was that my cholesterol had dropped by 20 points. My numbers have always been in the low to normal range, but this was quite unexpected. I can only think it’s the result of having followed Dr. Tim’s food plan. My reason for starting with the plan was strictly for weight loss. The bonus was seeing how the plan affected me on the inside as well as on the outside. I was doing more good for myself than I realized. It’s always better to do something by choice rather than being forced, don’t you think? Just a little food for thought.