Help Me to Walk Again | Diana

I would like to express my gratitude to Dr. Tim Ramirez for the help and kindness he has shown me. I came to the Doctor with a badly injured ankle caused by an auto accident. I had been on crutches for three months. I was seen by several doctors over the previous three months who all adamantly recommended I have surgery to repair the damage on my ankle. After a detailed visit to Pacifica Wellness, Dr. Ramirez confidently stated he could help me fully recover. For the next six months I spend many hours working to rebuilding my entire body through exercise, chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture, and nerve stimulation. Dr. Ramirez’s expertise covered everything including nutrition! He knew exactly what I needed to rebuild my body! I consider Dr. Ramirez to be the most knowledgeable and educated doctor I have ever known. I would recommend him to anyone who is injured, committed to body building or interested in maintaining their physical health. Dr. T is the real deal, a true healer and humanitarian. His style, commitment and ability are exceptional. He is simply the best! 

Forever grateful,

Diana Terwilliger