Don't forget the sunscreen and healthy snacks while on vacation

Summer is here and that means vacation and a bit of rest and relaxation. But that doesn’t mean you have to take a break from healthy eating and your weight loss goals. Whether you are taking a cruise, long plane flight or a road trip, there are plenty of ways to stay on a healthy track.

If you’re traveling by car, suggests packing a cooler full of healthy snacks, such as chopped veggies, fresh fruit, water, low-fat yogurt and skinless chicken breast.

Avoid eating in the car, limit snacking and take plenty of exercise and stretching breaks that might include a quick jog, walk or jump rope with the kids. Three 10-minute exercise breaks adds up to 30 minutes of activity.

If by plane, eat before you leave the house, which could cut down on needless snacks. If you do find yourself starving while waiting to change planes, search for salads, baked chicken and fruit bowls.

Instead of sitting around, take a walk, either around the terminal or in the aisle of the plane. And drink plenty of water while waiting to board. Flying tends to dehydrate you and drinking on glass of water per hour will ward off dehydration and jet lag.

Cruises, with their endless buffets and rich, gourmet delights, don’t have to detour your healthy lifestyle, although it will take some self-control.

When standing in the buffet line, take small portions and focus on the vegetables. If you do splurge on a rich meal, balance it out with a healthy meal. Don’t wait a day to get back to healthy eating. Get back on track with the next meal then seek out the ship’s gym, pool or fitness classes.

So go and enjoy a healthy vacation.