Ab-solutely Fabulous | Romey

Picture this: It’s the first week of January and I. like countless others, have decided to re-dedicate myself to healthful living. In fact, my motto for this year is “Keep it clean in 2014” by which I mean clean living (less stress), clean thinking (positive thoughts) and clean eating (follow the food plan). I have had a very full day at the office, I’ve worked later than I had planned and I’m wondering where the calm has gone after a delightful visit ‘back home’ with family and friends. Nonetheless, I am determined to see Dr. Tim. I drive, park and lay my head on the steering wheel a moment before entering PW. Immediately I’m glad for the decision I’ve made. I begin the workout by warming up with two sets of campfires (yes, I said warming up with campfires), followed by a set of crunches on the red ball and VTI’s on the mat. Sets of other favorites are interspersed with crunches on the red ball, yellow ball, or mat. Could this be it, I wonder? In the cage, on the bench and still more crunches. This must be it, I think to myself. Bra fat, rows, and more on the ball. I finally ask, “Is this the night, Dr. Tim?” “Might as well be, Romey, “says he, “you’ve done more than half. “ Now I’m determined to complete the tradition. In no time at all, I’ve done 2,014 crunches to commemorate the New Year (plus 100 more for good luck). Some would hear this and think it’s an ab-omination, but it’s ab-solutely fabulous to me.

Happy New Year to all!