The Lemon Cleanse

The Lemon Cleanse

Simple, Easy, Socially Acceptable!

You are what you eat, a great catch phrase that is another absolute truth.

No fitness program is complete without the added element of nutrition.  What are you putting in your body?  If you read the section on exercise, you understand that the most basic part of optimal living is self respect, and you cannot respect yourself if you are not giving your body a chance to be at its physical peak.  The flip side of the exercise coin is the nutritional element.

Your fitness is what you do to yourself on the outside, your nutrition is what you do to yourself on the inside.  

Regardless of what you eat, the lemon cleanse is necessary. The digestive system needs to be finely tuned on a regular basis.

As you choose to put better quality fuel in the tank, 

you will inevitably burn the fuel better and more efficiently.

You will definitely increase your physical power and you will have a better performing body. 

Eat viable alive food.  If it can sit on a shelf for a long time, there is no way your body will metabolize it accordingly.  Where is the value?  Food is fuel, food needs to serve as value to your body.


The Lemon Cleanse


The Lemon Cleanse is an excellent way of breaking down this pattern and returning you to a balanced mode of eating.  Once on the lemon cleanse for two, or five, or seven days, you will have reset your body, so that you do not have the cravings you used to have.  

After the cleanse is the time to adopt a nutritional program that suits your needs, with lots of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, quality protein.

Our lives are filled with preservatives, toxins and pollutants. Cleansing is not an option, it is an absolute necessity. Pathology, illness, lack of energy, obesity, and pain are intricately associated with our digestive system; all functions of the body are dependent on the digestive system for energy. 


The Immune System is powered by and functions on the food [or fuel] that we consume.  We need the digestive system to be optimally functional to ensure that the other systems in the body can be optimally functional.

This is why cleanses are necessary.


What Does the Lemon Cleanse Do?


It dissolves and eliminates toxic elements from the body. It clears congestion that has formed over time. The Lemon Cleanse purifies the glands and cells throughout the body.  It literally gives your cells a rejuvenating bath. It eliminates unusable waste from your body.


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