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Our office is located in Southern California.  Dr. Tim Ramirez and Dr. Allex Walters specialize in rehabilitation, functional medicine, sports medicine, pain management and full body wellness. They are masters in the field and all around wellness gurus. Focusing on an all encompassing program utilizing strength, function, balance, nutrition and a variety of therapeutic modalities. The two of them lead the community of wellness.

the doctors

Dr. Tim Ramirez has been practicing in the field for 21 years. In the past he has worked closely with the PGA tour, MLB, US Open and many other well known organizations. He lives by the moto of “No Excuses, Only Sucess.”

Dr. Allex Walters has worked closley with Dr. Tim over the last 7 years. She is very knowledgeable in recovery, biomechanics of the human body, functional fitness, rehabilitation, nutrition, physical therapy modalities and much more. She looks forward to helping you succeed and reach optimal health.

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