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Functional Movement

DYNAMIC FUNCTIONAL EXERCISE helps to restore full function of the body and its parts. We utilize movement to build a strong foundation for the body to provide stability, improve balance, prevent injury and reduce pain. Focusing on maintaining mobility, all while increasing strength. Proper body function allows for increased range of motion and better daily movement.

Chiropractic Therapy, Stretching, physical therapy modalities

We utilize a variety of NON INVASIVE CONSERVATIVE THERAPIES to stimulate improved mechanoreception and relaxation of tight musculature. Helping to return the body into a state of homeostasis in order to naturally heal itself. Many of our therapies improve blood flow and circulation which promote internal healing; leading to decreased muscle and ligamentous injury, pain free movement & total body wellness.

Nutrition & Weight Loss

PROPER NUTRITION is crucial for a healthy life, longevity, mental clarity and overall body function. Your body is working around the clock and needs nutritious foods to function optimally. Proper food choices help reduce the risk of chronic disease and inflammation. Whether you are looking to decrease bloating, GI upset, inflammation, or promote a healthy gut; it all starts with what is on your plate.

Normatec Compression Therapy, Infrared sauna, Red light therapy

COMPRESSION THERAPY is a form of healing that increases blood flow circulation and promotes healthy venous function. Your circulatory system is in charge of delivering oxygen, nutrients and hormones to every cell in your body. Compression therapy benefits include lymphatic drainage, decreased swelling/inflammation, enhancing muscle recovery & removal of toxins and waste like lactic acid.

INFRARED SAUNA benefits include improved heart health, muscle pain relief and recovery, reduced oxidative stress and improved immune system function.

RED LIGHT THERAPY benefits include improved circadian rythum, performace and recovery, improved blood flow, decreased inflammation, healthy skin, and sleep optimization.

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